So you’ve used Xero for a while, you pretty much rock it anyway? Hell you know how to do the reconciliations and you can do all the basics so that’s all you really need to know right?? Wrong!!

Why wrong – well you are already paying for the software so you really should make it work for you, they release new features and tools that should make your accounts experience simpler and more relevant – get on board with them. I know you see the email with the update and a link to a video tutorial and you put it into the “when I get a moment” basket, these things pile up and you never get that moment. Then all of a sudden you have 6 tutorials to watch and some you know aren’t relevant to you or your business so you unleash the mighty “delete” button.

Why not take a moment to look at your Xero and see if it’s giving you the information you need to guide your business and make those long term decisions, look at the new features that you’ve ignored or put on the back burner, see if it’s time for a Xero restructure. We’ve all heard the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” excuse but then there’s the “doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome” – your business changes, your customers habits and needs change so maybe your accounts need to change or be reviewed to address this ever changing landscape.

Talk to your Accountant to discuss your current Xero set-up, what information you need it to provide for you, what amendments you need and get some training on the relevant new features at the same time. Some accountants will run a Xero review on your current set-up and recommend changes to best suit your business, money well spent!

You’ve got the software, you’re already paying for it so get the most out of it!!