Why Choose Us

A very good question, we answer below.

We are a small but growing firm. This means that every client is important to us and therefore you will get personalised attention and input. We are a growing firm, if your accountant isn’t growing their company how can they help you grow yours?

We care about getting the best for you. Sounds trite but it is true, for example we don’t offer tailored packages with a “from” price (you know it’ll never be that price). We discuss with you what your needs are then we tailor a package to meet those needs, you receive a “no hidden extras” quote which will include the ability to ask general questions at no cost.

We provide training. We do Xero set up and/or training to help you get the most out of your accounting package and your accounts. We don’t ask you what you’d like us to quote on until you’ve done your training because until you’re trained how do you know what you can manage and what you’d like us to manage!

We are approachable. If you feel embarrassed to call your accountant because you feel stupid asking that question or because they never get back to you then it’s time to change accountants.  We actually welcome questions because it means that in the long run you’ll save money by getting it right and we will have one less problem to solve later on. Also by asking questions you can concentrate on getting on with business, growing your business and in doing so you’ll recommend us – win/win.

We want your business to succeed. It’s common sense really, if your business fails we lose a client, if your business succeeds and grows you’ll need more of our services.

We want your accounts to be a tool and not a chore. Set up correctly and with the right advice your accounts go from being a chore to being a tool that can help your business succeed and make money. Turn your accounts from reporting on money to helping you make money.

We are normal people. We are normal people in business just as you are, we have the same pressures, the same requirements and the same needs and wants. We don’t forget that and we want our customers to see that.

Bewildered or can’t stand FBT, PAYE or GST? Bookkeeping not really your thing? We understand that not everybody likes accounts, can be bothered doing accounts or even care about accounts. We get it, we really do – so let us take that over for you.

Wished you could understand the numbers in the reports and actually translate them into monetary benefit? We can crunch the numbers for you, set up reports so that you can produce them for yourself or we can teach you how to do it – tell us what you would like to do and we’ll sort it for you.